Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pan Pastels

Did you know that we have all 80 colours of Pan Pastels, plus tools and also 5 colour packs.

Available HERE

Pan Pastel Colors are being launched in special introductory packs which included free Sofft Tools, a storage jar and instructions (excludes Black Pan Pastel Color) 
Virtually Pure Pigment
Available in 80 rich, ultra soft, artists’ quality colors:

PanPastel® Colors can be mixed & blended for an infinite palette of colors. Each PanPastel Color is loaded with the highest quality artists’ pigments; and is made using a unique manufacturing process requiring minimal binder, resulting in rich, ultra soft and low dust colors.Each pan contains 9ml (0.30 fl oz) of color - 40%* more than the average pastel stick, and yielding approx. 4 times more coverage.

If you have never used Pan Pastels here are some videos on the basics 

Enjoy :)

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