Wednesday, March 26, 2014

NeoColorII are finally in store

Neocolor II are now in store...both boxes and individual...missing a few individual ones but they should be delivered next week.

NeoColorII Available HERE

Caran D'Ache - Neocolor II - Water Soluble wax pastel / crayon. The widest range of wax-based water-soluble pastels on the market. High pigment concentration for bright and opaque colours. Soft and easy to work with, strong bright colours, very economical due to their exceptional covering power, excellent lightfastness. Dry or wet drawing on all materials. Watercolour effects and washes.
Superior quality water-soluble artists' pastels for the most exacting requirements: artists, illustrators, graphic art, mixed media. 126 colours, sold individually. Full range available. 

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