Monday, April 7, 2014

Tags by Giovanna Scott - From Artified Mixed Media Kit

Gigi has created a couple of tags with the latest kit from Artified.  There are still a couple of kits left HERE.

By Giovanna Scott


There are 2 small tags and one larger tag in this kit. I’ve used the smaller tags as actual tags, and the larger, darker coloured tag has become my “make your own paper” kind of place.
So as I mentioned in the video, randomly stamp that larger tag with the stamp in the kit (I also used the cute doily stamp from last month’s kit) and also paint some book paper with the Florentine Gold paint.

Collect some bits and pieces you have from previous projects to make a cute embellishment cluster at the end.

The background process is almost identical for each tag.

Use ink, paint and mists to throw some colour on each tag. Don’t worry how it looks, as we’ll cover most of it up.

Let’s begin with HANDMADE.
After the background dried I glued a small rectangle of the yellow handmade paper from the kit and some book paper painted with the Florentine Gold.  I reconstituted the gelatos on my palette and applied around the papers with my finger. I mixed some red paint with the Mother of Pearl and stippled through the paper doily. The pearl paint acts like an iridescent medium when added to colour. I glued the title on and the embellishments. I outlined the title with India Ink Pen and scribbled an outline with the pen in the kit.
I added white highlights with a white India ink pen (available from Artified), let dry, before spraying the tag with a gloss varnish.

I lightly spritzed this one with mist to fill all the white areas, but you could just as easily use watercolour or acrylic. To break up all the colour, I added a small strip of the stamped larger, darker tag down one side and placed the denim flower on the other, with a red button as a centre to balance the red at the top of the tag. I was contemplating re-formatting the quote in a smaller font, but thought the power in the words were important enough to stay larger.
To continue with the geometric feel of the triangle and squares, I added some simple lines with a white India ink pen. Some shading with the grey India ink pen and outlining and scribbling with the black gel pen, and the tag is complete.

I still have 2 more art journal pages to share, where I use the Florentine Gold and Mother of Pearl as art mediums, and how to make a patterned paper to scan and keep on record.

Happy Creating.

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