Thursday, February 5, 2015

Dina Wakley @ Artified November 20-22nd 2015

Dina Wakley is coming to Artified to paint with you in November 2015.

I know that you have all been eagerly awaiting the details, so here they are.

Seats go on Sale 9am (Melbourne Time) Friday 6th February

DATE - Friday 20th, Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd November.
There will be 2 x 3hour class per day, you can do 1 class or come along for all 6 :)
Times for classes will be available shortly.

CLASS COSTS - Each class goes for 3 hours and costs $85 each.
There will be 2 x 3 hour classes each day.

DO I GET A DISCOUNT IF I DO ALL CLASSES - Why yes you do :) If you book in for all 6 classes the total cost will be $480

IS THERE A PAYMENT PLAN FOR ALL 6 CLASSES - Yes, we will have a payment plan.
There is an initial deposit of $80 then 5x $80 payments per month which will be set up as a recurring payment through Paypal.

IS THERE ACCOMMODATION NEAR BY - We have numerous Hotels near the shop in Wantirna.  We also have a fantastic Travel Agent who is happy to help you (free) with flights, accommodation and car hire if needed. Email me at and we can pass on your information to our Travel Agent or give you Hotel information.


Friday 20th November

Class 1
Introduction to Art Journalling

Have you been curious about art journaling, but are not sure where to start? Come and play with me! We’ll explore what art journaling is and I will teach you a few techniques for creating fun and expressive pages. We’ll create backgrounds, image layers, and top texture. We’ll make several pages and you’ll get a feel for playing, experimenting, and being free with your art.  I’ll also give you some tips for page topics and writing on your pages. No previous art experience is required.

Class 2
Composition Basics - Art Journal Play Series

Do you struggle with composition? You’re not alone! This class covers the basics of composition. I will also show you some of my favorite composition devices that always work, like using a combining device, exploring proximity, and creating continuance. We’ll combine stamps and stencils with acrylic paints for fun art techniques that you can use in all of your papercrafting and mixed-media adventures.

Saturday 21st November
Class 1
Random by Design - Art Journal Play Series

Do you want to achieve an expressive, random look in your art but have a hard time loosening up and letting go? This is the class for you! There is an art to random, messy layers, and they’re not as intuitive as they look. We’ll go over my favorite methods for achieving these expressive layers and I’ll show you how to combine art techniques in thoughtful ways to create interesting art. We’ll use stamps and stencils and masks to form our randomness into finished art.

Class 2
Facing the Facts

I always say I don’t know how to draw, yet I have taught myself how to draw faces. Guess what, you can draw faces, too! I will teach you how to draw a face with easy tips and tricks. We’ll use the “magic pencil” to make your faces look artsy and interesting (and I will give you each your own pencil in your kit, so you’ll have one to play with at home).  I’ll also show you how to paint the faces with artistic, fun colors. Even if you can’t draw, you can learn to draw faces. I promise!

Sunday 22nd November

Class 1
Playful Printmaking - Art Journal Play Series

This class is a blast as we explore ways to incorporate printmaking into your mixed-media projects. During the first half of the class, we’ll print with common materials such as foam and plastic. Then we’ll turn the prints we make into an expressive journal page. Fun and playful, this class is a great art-making experience.

Class 2
Listening and Layering - Art Journal Play Series

In this class we’ll explore and push our layers. I will guide you through layering exercises, where you listen to my prompts and then react in your journal. No two pieces will be alike! It’s a great artistic study for learning how to listen to your artwork, where to put the next layer, and when to stop. We’ll try to load our pages with as many layers as we can, making sure we remain in control of the layers and that we work them to our advantage.

 “Art Journal Play” classes are all about exploring and playing with art journaling techniques. The goal is to learn techniques, experiment, play, and make finished journal pages. We’ll be working in journals, but the techniques apply to all mixed-media projects (canvases, book-making, etc.).

The full list of items will be on the website under the classes.
If you need anything the shop will be open  
Dina recommends you bring
  • Basic tool kit: Ranger craft sheet, paint brushes, rag/cloth, pencil, scissors, water container to clean your brushes, palette knife, baby wipes, paper towels, old gift card to use as a scraper, water container to clean your brushes in, paper plate or palette paper to use as a palette (or you can just use your craft sheet).